Back at DTU after 12 years

For many, some of their fondest memories are those from their time as a student, and for me this is true of my time spent at DTU. I studied the MSc Eng. in Bioinformatics and systems biology at DTU. I’ll never forget the interesting team-work projects with classmates and colleagues; I’ll never forget the industry master thesis experience in Novo Nordisk; I’ll never forget travelling around Europe in my holidays. In addition, at DTU I met my husband. Those were sweet and colorful years! 

After 12 years, we came back to DTU with our two kids for a summer vacation. Natalia, an international MSc Eng. student herself, met us outside the main building, and thus our memory tour could begin. In the main building 101, a new self-service bike fix tool made me recall my four-day long cycling tour of Denmark in 2004. From building 101, I saw the road to Kampasax Kollegiet where we ran together, barbecued with friends and tasted international cuisine together in the kitchen. There are many new buildings, which add more colors to the original classic DTU yellow brick buildings and these modern buildings impressed me a lot.

However, the most important building to me is building 208, where I spent my time writing my master thesis from day to night and sometimes also from night to day! I opened the door, but found mostly people unknown to me. Fortunately, the Head of Study, Professor Anders Gorm Pedersen was still there and I was so happy to see an old friend!

After the tour, we were hungry so we went to the canteen in building 101. The canteen food at DTU has improved significantly over the years. My gut told me the canteen food in building 101 is even more delicious than many restaurants in Copenhagen.

During our visit to Denmark, we met our old classmates in Copenhagen and talked about our time at DTU, our current lives and our dreams for the future. We also cycled with the kids to Dyrehaven, to let them see deer up close, and ended up being bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes. Finally, we went boating on the Mølleåen river and visited Furesøen, where brave kids were enjoying the beach and the cool lake.

My philosophy professor told us "How can you say you have a world view if you haven't viewed the world".

Because of her words, I came to Denmark and DTU.

Xiuxiu Ye, MSc Eng. in Bioinformatics and systems biology, China

Visit DTU

Prospective MSc. Eng students, their friends and family are welcome to visit DTU at our Lyngby campus. Just contact us with the date and time of your visit and we will arrange a campus tour for you. Read more. 

Canteens at DTU

On the campus in Lyngby there are several different places to have a meal or a light snack. Many students frequent the canteen in the main administration building, 101, but there are also cafés and street food stalls dotted around the campus. Read more

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